New Businesses


Thinking of starting a new business?

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Bet your friends are telling you that nobody starts a new business during a recession… It’s a good thing that Walt Disney and Bill Gates didn’t listen to those friends! They started two of America’s strongest companies during recessions!



Would you like one reason why a recession period is the greatest time to start a new business?


1. Less competition.

2. Labor pools are up.

3. Start-up costs are down.


Convinced Yet?

OK! So you have a great business idea–a need that you already see out there in the market–and no one could possibly fill that need better than you!


The Next Step…

That’s where we come in. All new businesses require local licenses, state account #s, federal account #s, and not all businesses are one-size-fits-all. Some industries require special licenses, or are subject to certain regulations. We can help you get off to a great start by making sure that you have fulfilled all legal requirements, helping you obtain all the licenses you need, and advise you on budgeting, record-keeping, and all financial matters. We offer business start-ups and monthly or quarterly services at flat and reasonable rates. We like to see our clients succeed, and we will be there to advise you through every step of the way.
Please take a moment and call or email us for your free start-up consultation!