D & G Payroll

One of the best ways for a business to cut overhead costs is to outsource payroll to a reliable computerized payroll service. With 40 years combined experience as Payroll Specialists, D&G Payroll Service can not only help you to cut costs, but give you peace of mind that your payroll is accurate, on time, and meets all state and federal regulation requirements.


You can save with D&G Payroll Service in the following ways:

  • Office Space
  • Office Supplies
  • Computer Systems & IT Professionals
  • Payroll Software & Subscriptions
  • Payroll Personnel Salaries and Benefits
  • Additional Banking Fees
  • Fees & Penalties on Late Payroll Taxes


We offer:

  • Direct Deposits or Paper Checksfigures payroll block
  • Emailed Pay Stubs with Direct Deposits
  • Salary, Hourly, Commission, Sub-Contractors
  • Liability Reporting & Payments made for you
  • Federal State, & Local Compliance
  • Child Support & Wage Garnishments
  • Wage Calculations on Tips
  • Benefits, Savings, and Special Deductions
  • Expense Reimbursements
  • Multiple Payroll Schedules
  • Complete Payroll Reports
  • W-2s &1099s
  • Available Nationwide