Our Bookkeeping Service

If you are like most of our clients, your business offers specific products and/or services for which you are highly skilled and have years of experience. Unfortunately, your skills and experience may not include bookkeeping, federal regulations and accounting procedures. That’s OK, because we have 40 years combined experience in accounting and related services. We are here to help, and offer reasonable flat monthly rates for bookkeeping or combined services.


Chart of Accounts
Cost Accounting
Budgeting & Accounts Payable
Invoicing & Accounts Receivable
Sales Tax Tracking & Reporting
General Journal Entries
Special Consultation & Reporting
Fixed Assets & Depreciation
Financial Statements
Local, State & Federal Reporting
Compliance Watch-dogging
QuickBooks Support
Flat Monthly Rates Available






All Services Available in English and Espanol


Already a QuickBooks user?

Great! Then, we can work alongside you by going over your books each month for accuracy, compliance issues, and journal entries. We can suggest new ways for you to maximize the benefits of being a QuickBooks user, and to help you streamline your system for ease and efficiency. By subscribing to our monthly bookkeeping services, we can give you the oversight needed, so you can be assured that your books are accurate and compliant.